Code of Ethics

  • With Passion and Purpose, Love all people! It is a blessing and an honor to love and serve one another
  • Uphold the Constitution (All citizens must understand our Constitution and participate making fundamentally sound decisions for their family, friends, neighbors and our government)
  • Exemplify extraordinary optimism by our language and actions
  • Protect our nation from evil
  • Defend the rights of Life and Liberty in every part of the world
  • Support a strong military
  • Inspire every person to be a contributor
  • Allow and support businesses to create new jobs through Free Enterprise
  • Live within our income
  • Proactively and harmoniously engage with all our allies to promote peace, the general welfare and courageously connect with countries that do not align with us to build trust and alliances.
  • All races, genders, religions and backgrounds have the right to live free receive a good education and be treated with dignity and respect. Americans will protect these rights!
  • Show respect to others as we celebrate the diversity of our Nation
  • Accomplish common goals to build trust back in our relationships

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