Originally from Southern New Hampshire. I try to live by the golden rule treat others the way you expect to be treated. One of my strengths is to include all those that are around me. I never push anyone aside because their views are different from my own. I believe in loving people. My family back home in New Hampshire and my Cabin Coffee family In Mason City , Iowa have taught me how much more you can get done with love and understanding than with hatred and ignorance.

Outside of being a super barista at Cabin Coffee I also love watching Japanese anime and building computers so that I can play games to my heart’s content. I am also very much an animal lover. I love any and all animal’s big or small especially little adorable mice. I love learning about the world around me and people on every side of the world. When you learn about those different than yourself you can take all the good things you learn and apply them to your own life and try to educate those around you to help slowly erase all the bad.