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Passion & Purpose

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Our purpose is to inspire all citizens to serve one another; positively impacting their family, friends, community and Nation. While understanding that everyone is special, valued, important and loved. Each person possesses great talents and gifts that they can and should utilize to serve, help and positively impact one another. We believe each person’s purpose as well as our collective purpose is to lift others to their full potential. When everyone fully understands that the purpose for life is to love and serve one another we will be a healthier, more fulfilled society. We must hold true to this principle to build and increase trust to form a firm foundation that will withstand any acts of evil.

It is an honor and a joy to truly love and serve one another.  When we depart from God's principles and values that He provided us we will struggle.  We should never question His word.  God provided the perfect road map for us.  His Son Jesus who exemplified perfect love and servant hood.  For our freedom and the United States to live in harmony we must unite to increase our faith, hope and love..

VisionAll citizens to enjoy and possess the privileges of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Serve with extraordinary passion and purpose treating all people with respect, dignity and compassion.  Safeguarding and honoring at all times our Constitution that our forefathers established.

MissionReinstate our core principles, morals and values that our country was founded upon. We accomplish this by reeducating ourselves and others. Always appreciating and understanding that our Country was founded upon these truths to establish order, peace, hope and the pursuit of happiness for all. We will persevere in order for our Country to operate effectively. We will establish measurable and timely goals and meet or exceed our goals while keeping each other accountable. At all times exemplifying eternal optimism.

GoalRecapture the spirit of all citizens to proactively, consistently and enjoy serving one another. Appreciate value and honor our Country, always striving to positively impact our family, friends, community, nation and government.

  • To protect the rights that God provided for all citizens.
  • Reestablish our commitment to patriotism. Pledge of Allegiance is one example.
  • Ensure that our Government does not take away any more of our fundamental beliefs and rights.
  • Rights come from God our creator and the purpose of government is to protect these rights
  • The foundation of Freedom requires responsibility, accountability, specific morals and a value system that keep our lives in balance and our nation strong.
  • Unite citizens, legislators and the two parties; Democrat and Republican. Complaining will stop and we will draw out solutions from each other.
  • Make sound, meaningful and purposeful decisions that will positively impact our nation as a whole.