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Comparisons Democrat and Republican Parties

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Economic Ideas  Minimum wages and progressive taxation, i.e., higher tax rates for higher income brackets. Born out of anti-federalist ideals but evolved over time to favor more government regulation.  Believe taxes shouldn't be increased for anyone (including the wealthy) and that wages should be set by the free market. 
Social and human ideas  Based on community and social responsibility.  Based on individual rights and justice. 
Stance on Military issues  Decreased spending.  Increased spending. 
Stance on Gay Marriage  Support (some Democrats disagree).  Oppose (some Republicans disagree). 
Stance on Abortion  Should not be made illegal; support Roe vs Wade (some Democrats disagree).  Should not be legal; oppose Roe v. Wade (some Republicans disagree). 
Stance on Death Penalty  While support for the death penalty is strong among Democrats, opponents of the death penalty are a substantial fraction of the Democratic base.  A large majority of Republicans support the death penalty. 
Stance on Taxes  Progressive (high income earners should be taxed at a higher rate). Generally not opposed to raising taxes to fund government.  Tend to favor a "flat tax" (same tax rate regardless of income). Generally opposed to raising taxes. 
Stance on Government Regulation  Government regulations are needed to protect consumers.  Government regulations hinder free market capitalism and job growth. 
Healthcare Policy  Support universal healthcare; strong support of government involvement in healthcare, including Medicare and Medicaid Generally support Obamacare.  Private companies can provide healthcare services more efficiently than government-run programs. Oppose Obamacare provisions like (1) requirement for individuals to buy health insurance or pay a fine, (2) required coverage of contraceptives. 
Traditionally strong in states  California, Massachusetts, New York.  Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas. 
Symbol  Donkey Elephant 
Color  Blue Red 
Founded in  1824 1854 
Senate Leader  Harry Reid Mitch M. McConnell