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Character; Out of all the words in our English language the word “Character” hits the bull’s-eye relating to ourselves, our relationships and for America to be forthright, trustworthy and live in harmony.  Below are some of the actions that describe the word Character. We must: Love God Love one another Be servants Be givers Be…
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Appreciating and Honoring our Country

The United States of America Built upon vision, foresight, faith, determination, strength, and sacrifice of men, women and children America was born.  Our ancestors fled from government corruption, dictatorship and falsehoods. Government and religious leaders imprisoned or killed their citizens if they did not worship and live the way they were told.  Our ancestors dreamed…
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Code of Ethics

With Passion and Purpose, Love all people! It is a blessing and an honor to love and serve one another Uphold the Constitution (All citizens must understand our Constitution and participate making fundamentally sound decisions for their family, friends, neighbors and our government) Exemplify extraordinary optimism by our language and actions Protect our nation from…
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